Stress Free Day – A time for employees to decompress and relax


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We at Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness understand that stress is an everyday fact of life. We believe that awareness of stress in our lives is the first step in overcoming it. The purpose of the Stress Free Day is to educate your employees on how stress can effect them mentally and physically, causing them to be less efficient in the workplace. By taking each employee through a short evaluation, our trained professionals help employees become aware of stress in their lives, and how to properly address it.

Benefits of a Stress Free Day:

  • We Come to You – At your convenience, our highly trained staff will set up the Stress Free Day at your place of business.
  • Adds Value to You as an Employer – A Stress Free Day can increase your investment by restoring better health to your employees.

What takes place at a Stress Free Day

  1. Short Stress Survey – A brief questionnaire to evaluate the stress levels in each employee’s life.
  2. Initial Stress Consultation – Short information session to inform of findings and answer questions.
  3. Introductory Trigger Point Massage – The best part of the day!
  4. Follow-Up Stress Consultation – Summarizing and giving helpful tips on how to hande each person’s individual stress levels.