Failed back surgery syndrome is expressed through pain that continues after surgery. It is important to understand the word “failed” does not necessarily indicate the surgery failed to address the intended issue. The failure exists in that the patient continues to experience pain or lack of mobility after surgery. Furthermore, identifying the exact cause of the failure is difficult – even with an MRI.

Where there is no clear indication of the cause of continued pain, the cause is often attributed to scar tissue. However, diagnosing the source of failed back surgery syndrome is complicated due to the complex nature of the spine and the network of nerves in the back. Regardless of the cause, you will need treatment and rehabilitation to address the issue and manage your pain.

Rehab & Pain Management

Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness will create a treatment plan for you based on the likely cause of your failed back surgery syndrome. We carry out a comprehensive medical and lifestyle exam, allowing us to provide you with a treatment plan that addresses all aspects of your life. Unlike a treatment plan you would receive from the surgical team, our plan is intended to enhance your well-being as well as your health.

Pain management is often an important aspect of treating failed back syndrome. Alleviating the pain associated with the condition is an important step toward improving overall health and wellness. Your Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness doctor will work closely with you, building a vital relationship that is conducive to your rehabilitation.

Take the first steps toward your rehabilitation today by contacting Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness. We have helped countless patients find relief from the pain associated with failed back surgery syndrome.

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