Most people think of surgical rehabilitation as something that only comes after the surgery. However, for many Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness patients, surgery would not be an option without pre-surgical rehabilitation. There are two main purposes of pre-surgical rehabilitation. The first, and perhaps most important, is to get the patient to a point where surgery is a viable option. The second is to improve the level of recovery after surgery.

At Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness, we do not like to confine our sports injury treatments to traditional definitions. For our patients, pre-surgical rehabilitation can improve health and wellness. Even minor surgeries can put a huge amount of strain on the body and mind. If surgery is absolutely essential, we want our patients to feel healthy and strong in as many ways as possible.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Once you have undergone surgery, you will need a great deal of support to get back on your feet. Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness is here to offer that support in any way we can. If you need physical rehabilitation our doctors are the very best Atlanta has to offer. We also place significant emphasis on the wellness of our patients throughout treatment.

We can offer you physiotherapy, massage, electric muscle stimulation and a number of other treatments to aid in your rehabilitation. Our patients greatly benefit from the range of treatments we offer – all of which you can enjoy at your local Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness clinic. For the best chance of recovery, under the care of the most dedicated team of experts in Atlanta, you can’t go wrong when choosing Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness as your rehabilitation provider.

If you are planning on having a surgery and need excellence in rehabilitation treatment, contact Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness today.