The networks of nerves which lead from your brain and spine are important in ensuring your brain can send signals to the rest of your body parts. When a nerve becomes compressed or pinched, the normal function of those signals is interrupted. Your brain will then send a signal through the network of nerves, alerting you that there is a problem.

The most common way in which a warning is received is through pain. However, the level of pain experienced is not always indicative of the severity of the damage being done to the nerve. A compressed nerve can result in varying degrees of damage, or no long-lasting damage at all. There is little distinction regarding how much pain or discomfort sufferers will initially experience, so it is essential to seek treatment as soon as you begin receiving pain signals from suspected nerve compression.

Treating Nerve Compression

Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness is perfectly positioned to effectively treat nerve compression, due to our comprehensive approach to spinal rehabilitation. Treating nerve compression requires a complete picture approach, taking every aspect of the patient’s life into account. For some patients, simple changes to lifestyle are enough to reverse the condition. For patients with irreversible nerve damage, we can treat the associated pain through a complete pain management program.

In all cases, your Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness doctor will attempt to relieve pressure on the nerve and provide you with optimal mobility and pain relief. We will also focus on your wellness as a fundamental element of any treatment plan.

For a complete rundown of how Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness can help you recover from nerve compression and live a full life, contact our office today. Our team is composed of caring professionals who are dedicated to your health and wellness.