Because your spine runs from the lower to the upper back and neck, a bulging disc can occur anywhere in your spine. The three main areas of the spine, from the base of the spine to the neck, are known as the lumbar spine, thoracic spine and the cervical spine. Injuries to these areas of the spine are more often referred to as a slipped disc.

Bulging discs are associated with chronic pain and a loss of motor function. The sufferer’s center of gravity is affected, which can result in secondary pain in the upper and lower extremities. In layman’s terms, you will most likely develop pain in your arms and legs due to overcompensating for the chronic pain that stems from a bulging disc.

Pain Relief for Bulging Discs

When you have one or more bulging discs, Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness can offer patients in Metro Atlanta and the surrounding areas relief from both primary and secondary pain. Our treatment plans encompass all the factors that contribute to your pain, including lifestyle, work and home life.

By concentrating on the individual, rather than the condition, we are able to provide effective and long-lasting pain relief. Our patients are afforded a new lease on life, thanks to our innovative approach to combination treatments and rehabilitation.

Our doctors are qualified in a number of relevant fields in providing pain relief and encouraging wellness. With your health in our hands, you can look forward to a better future. Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness has built a community of individuals in the Atlanta area who have a renewed focus on health and well-being.

Do not allow bulging discs to debilitate you. You can find pain relief and increase your mobility with Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness. Contact us today and arrange your first appointment with your nearest specialist.