Iliotibial Band Syndrome, or ITBS as it is more commonly known, is a condition which mostly affects runners. The iliotibial band is a ligament that spans from the hip to shin and runs down the outside of the thigh. This type of injury is associated with overuse, which is why it is commonly associated with sports that involve a great deal of running.

Overuse causes the ligament to become inflamed or tight, which makes running difficult for the athlete. This type of injury can last for weeks or even months. If you continue to run with ITBS the injury will not have time to heal. Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness can provide physical therapy for ITBS and other injuries incurred through sporting activity.

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine involves treating injuries resulting from sporting activities. This branch of medicine is best suited for treating ITBS. Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness specializes in sports medicine and can combine a number of treatments to address ITBS.

One of the main symptoms of ITBS is pain on the outside of the knee. We recommend you seek treatment from Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness if you feel pain on the outside of the knee when running. To help you maintain your fitness level, Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness can recommend alternative training while you receive treatment for ITBS.

Treatments may include alternative stretching exercises, electrical stimulation or simply treating the ligament with heat or ice. We understand that being sidelined is frustrating; however, treatment is essential to ensure you are not out of action any longer than necessary.

Are you experiencing a reoccurrence of ITBS? Contact Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness today so we can start providing you with effective treatment right away.