Trigger Point Massage Therapy

As the name suggests, trigger point massage therapy focuses on releasing tension, stress and relieving pain by targeting specific points. These trigger points can cause conditions such as lower back pain and patients find it difficult to find relief through other kinds of treatment. By focusing on the trigger point, Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness addresses the cause of the pain rather than treating the symptoms.

We do not believe in using aggressive massage therapy as it can actually aggravate the condition. Trigger point massage can also be used in combination with myofascial release to treat patients who present with multiple symptoms. Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness considers treatment an ever-evolving process of assessment and application. Your therapist will use communication to establish the effectiveness of treatment.

Why Choose Us?

Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness can provide a wide range of therapies and treatments. When you visit a general practitioner or hospital for treatment you may end up being referred to multiple specialists. For many of our patients, we provide all the treatments they need at our clinic. That saves you the time and stress of trying to keep multiple appointments.

We are experts in sports medicine, thousands of variations of massage therapy, myofascial release and much more. For the most robust treatment options available in Atlanta, Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness is the number one choice. We also place significant emphasis on the well-being of our patients. In order to heal and remain healthy, the body and mind must work together. We can help you focus on staying both mentally and physically strong.

For all your trigger point therapy sessions, turn to Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness. We would like to invite you to join our family by contacting us today to make your first appointment.