Chronic back pain is persistent and is normally classified as pain that lasts for up to twelve weeks or more. The difference between acute and chronic back pain is often negligible when it comes to severity. The fact the pain persists, alone, is enough to make life unbearable for the sufferer.

As a chronic back pain victim, everyday tasks become impossible. You can no longer enjoy sporting activities, your ability to work is severely compromised and home life is impacted by your reduced mobility. It is no wonder that chronic back pain sufferers seek comprehensive pain relief.

Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness takes a step-by-step approach to treatment and rehabilitation. While our treatment plan consists of three main phases, we normally tailor the plan to the individual. Within each step of your treatment plan, you can expect to receive one-on-one treatments that are unique to your needs.

Engaging Treatment for Individuals

Each Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness patient is unique. Our specialists take time to get to know our patients. We are focused on both physical and emotional well-being. Our treatment plans are created with your specific qualifiers in mind. The only way to achieve optimal health and wellness is through cooperation between doctor and patient.

We want patients in Metro Atlanta and the surrounding areas to feel comfortable and confident during your treatment. Lack of open communication is a traditional factor in lapsed patient treatment. If your doctor is not committed and attentive to your goals and needs, recovery is much more difficult. With Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness, you will enjoy a commitment to your recovery from your doctor and medical team.

Build a positive path to recovery with Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness. We do not set limits on how we approach treatment and rehab for chronic back pain. Our doctors take advantage of all the latest technological innovations to deliver treatment plans that break boundaries.

Seek relief from chronic back pain by contacting Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness today.