There is nothing worse than suffering an injury at work, which then makes it difficult to return to work. It is important to pursue a treatment plan that gets you back to work and ensures you receive fair compensation for your injuries. Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness can provide you with personal injury care, with full documentation of your road to recovery.

We understand that while you are receiving treatment you may still need to attend work with reduced responsibilities. Our worker’s comp injuries treatment plans take all the changes to your work schedule into account. We will provide you with education on work-related needs such as ergonomics, allowing you to quickly reintegrate into a normal working life.

As part of your reintegration, you will most likely need to attend regular meetings with your line manager. Our treatment and rehabilitation plans are designed to make discussing your needs much less stressful. With treatment from Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness, you will always have a realistic timeline of your treatment and progress.

Rehabilitation & Workers Comp Insurance

When you apply for workers comp under your company’s insurance policy, you will most likely need to provide evidence to support your claim. Much of that evidence will consist of medical reports that confirm you were injured as a result of the accident. Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness provides multi-stage treatment, which means you will have documented progression of your injuries and treatment.

We will provide you with treatment, rehabilitation and pain management. The object of the Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness approach is to address the pain and debilitation from your injuries, allowing you to regain as much function as possible, therefore allowing you to return to work with minimal impact on your future potential.

Contact Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness today if you have suffered an injury at work. Our team is dedicated to your recovery and to providing you with the aftercare you need to return to work as quickly as possible.