More often than not, tendonitis is a direct result of an injury to the tendon. A common link among sufferers of tendonitis is a repetition of movement, either at work or as part of a sporting activity. Recovery from milder cases of tendonitis can take weeks without proper treatment and physical therapy. In most cases, tendonitis symptoms will only go away with rest, which means avoiding activities which caused the injury.

For patients whose employment relies on them using the affected limb, a long period of rest is not always ideal. Resting too much can also cause the limbs to become stiff. As there are tendons all throughout the body, there are also different types of tendonitis. Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness will provide suitable treatment based on which tendon is affected.

Tendonitis Symptoms

Pain from tendonitis normally increases in intensity with movement. When the tendon is moved you may experience a sensation of grating. Swelling or a lump where the tendon is located is also a potential sign of tendonitis. If you are experiencing some or all of these symptoms, tendonitis is the most likely cause. In the short term, you can take pain medication. Supporting the limb and keeping it elevated will also help relieve pressure and ease the pain.

At Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness we provide treatments for tendonitis which take the lifestyles of our patients into account. We aim to provide pain management and alleviate swelling. Massage is one possible course of treatment which greatly benefits sufferers of tendonitis. However, we will assess each patient at one of our Atlanta clinics before recommending treatment options.

Are you experiencing pain or swelling around a tendon? Seek relief from the experts at Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness today. Contact our clinic today and book an appointment for a pre-treatment assessment.