Herniated discs normally occur due to degeneration of the disc through age. The discs in your back contain water, which aids flexibility. As you age, the amount of water in your discs is reduced. When this happens, it causes the discs to become more susceptible to damage. A herniated disc can occur anytime, and extreme exertion is not necessarily a factor.

You may have herniated discs and never experience any pain or discomfort. Sufferers will normally only notice there is a problem if the herniated disc affects local nerves, causing weakness in the lower limbs or back pain. Other common symptoms include numbness and tingling in areas of the body associated with the irritated nerves.

Treatment Options

If you begin to experience numbness or weakness of the limbs, it could be caused by herniated discs. You may not need surgery for a herniated disc if you seek treatment soon after you begin to notice symptoms. Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness can provide you with a treatment plan to relieve pressure on the nerves and help correct the position of the herniated disc.

Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness can provide a number of effective treatments, including massage therapy, spinal manipulation and pain management for the symptoms of herniated discs. We would first carry out a comprehensive exam to identify the key areas affected by the herniated discs before creating your treatment plan.

Our treatment plans are designed to take a number of factors into account, such as your lifestyle and other medical conditions. At Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness, we not only treat your herniated discs, we provide ongoing education on health and wellness to help you stay fit and strong long after treatment has ended.

If you have received a diagnosis of herniated discs, Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness wants to hear from you. Contact us today to make an appointment so we can provide you with the rehabilitation and treatment you need.