Due to the multi-layered approach that Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness takes to health and wellness, we are uniquely positioned to treat musculoskeletal injuries. Our clinics are equipped to assess the needs of our patients and develop comprehensive treatment plans that offer increased mobility and pain management.

Musculoskeletal injuries cover a range of conditions which may affect joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves or a combination of those structures. For a large number of patients, injuries can mean reduced ability to work or carry out everyday common tasks. When you are diagnosed with a musculoskeletal injury, you will need treatment to reduce pain and increase functionality in the affected area.

Living with Musculoskeletal Injuries

While many patients may experience infrequent flare-ups of an injury, others live with pain and reduced mobility on a daily basis. Regardless of your personal circumstances, Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness wants to help you find relief from your injury.

There is often a lifestyle or work-related trigger involved in causing or aggravating musculoskeletal injuries. For example, people who type for a majority of their time at work are more likely to suffer from repetitive strain injury. Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness can treat your symptoms and offer you a pain management plan, as well as provide you with education on ergonomics to help prevent further recurrences of the condition.

Other conditions respond well to deep tissue massage and a specialized exercise plan to help strengthen strained or weakened muscles or ligaments. Our aim is to increase the likelihood of your return to work or sporting activities; however, we will always provide you with realistic expectations on the results of your treatment and how that may impact your daily life.

For a full musculoskeletal injury assessment, contact Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness for more information. We will set a convenient appointment and begin treatment as soon as possible.