Struggling with what & how to eat?

Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness Special!


3 – 30 minute Health Coaching sessions with our Functional Medicine Health Coach,
Kim Hochman

kim hochmanWe are delighted to announce that Kim Hochman has joined the Georgia Spinal team!

In her role as our Functional Medicine Health Coach, Kim will help implement personalized health and wellness plans to address goals, resolve symptoms and prevent disease.

Kim’s expert coaching provides patients with continuity, accountability, and support along their health journey. In fact, many studies verify that this team approach improves patient outcomes and optimized overall wellness.

Kim brings four areas of expertise to our practice:

  • Functional Medicine: she is a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach
  • Nutrition: she is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist
  • Fitness: she is a practicing Crossfit L2 Certified Trainer
  • Life experience: married for 20 years and the mother of three beautiful girls. She has also been a primary caregiver to her mother, diagnosed with early onset dementia.

Prior to joining AFM, she founded LiveWell RX, LLC: a company dedicated to educating, inspiring, and guiding all types of patients to optimal health and wellness. Kim has experience assisting individuals and groups by optimizing key lifestyle behaviors that deeply impact health in critical areas of Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep, Stress Reduction and Relationships.

In addition to coaching others, Kim dedicates her time to family, reading, researching, listening to cutting edge podcasts and volunteering as an Alzheimer’s Association Community Educator. Over the past 18 years, she served on various wellness and educational boards within her community.

Here are the top reasons to work with Kim:

  • Personalized support and accountability to stay on course of your treatment plan
  • Goal setting and action items to achieve your personal goals
  • Guidance towards a personalized diet and lifestyle
  • Customized information and resources to address your individual challenges
  • Guidance on an exercise/movement program to achieve optimal results
  • Assistance in implementing proper sleep hygiene and stress management techniques

qr codeIf you are looking to start working towards a healthier lifestyle and you don’t know where to begin, consider a 10 minute complimentary call with Kim to determine how she can help you start your journey to better health. She can be reached at or 770-330-5474. For more information or to schedule a 10 min. complimentary discovery call please scan the QR code