Osteoarthritis is a condition which affects the joints. It causes stiffness, pain and reduced mobility in sufferers. Osteoarthritis can develop in any joint, although it is more common in the spine, knees, neck, hips and digits of both the hands and feet. While people are more likely to develop osteoarthritis after the age of forty, with greater numbers of women developing the condition than men, younger people can also suffer from the condition.

Other factors which may contribute to the development of osteoarthritis include obesity, genetic predisposition, injury or abnormality of the joints. People who already suffer from a bone or joint condition, such as gout, may also develop osteoarthritis.

Prognosis and Treatment Options

For most patients, osteoarthritis will result in gradual changes in the joint, which are not necessarily accompanied by increased pain or reduced mobility. For others, the condition can develop quite rapidly. Each patient is different, making it difficult to provide a realistic prognosis on how the condition will progress.

As part of our chiropractic care at Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness, we concentrate on helping sufferers of osteoarthritis manage pain and increase mobility. Although it can become difficult for some patients to stay active, increased mobility is often beneficial in treating osteoarthritis. Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness will assess each patient’s needs before recommending any course of treatment.

Effective treatment methods include joint manipulation and massage, physiotherapy, spinal decompression and changes to physical activities such as walking. Orthotic devices can also help sufferers find relief from pain and discomfort, and aid in adjustments to walking and exercise.

For a full assessment from Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness, why not contact our clinic and make an appointment today? We can help you improve your mobility and better manage the pain resulting from osteoarthritis and other painful joint conditions.