Myofascial pain syndrome is so named because it is a condition which manifests in the surface connective tissues of the muscles. As such, this condition can occur in a number of areas, meaning it can affect one or more muscles. Pain is normally described as chronic, or persists for twelve days or more. However, it is not uncommon for pain to develop in secondary areas rather than the area injured.

The source of the pain in MPS is known as the trigger point, which results in secondary, or referred pain. Referred pain describes pain that is felt in an area other than where an injury has occurred, as a direct result of that injury. There are a number of possible causes for MPS, including muscle strain, injury, lack of muscle stimulation or repetitive strain.

Treating MPS

Physiotherapy and massage therapy work well as combination treatments for myofascial pain syndrome. The type of treatment will largely depend on the cause of your MPS, so Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness will carry out a full assessment before beginning treatment. MPS is often aggravated as a result of the associated pain, which means an effective pain management treatment is essential.

Your Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness treatment plan will address both the trigger point and any referred pain you are experiencing. As part of our wellness approach, we will assess your lifestyle and provide education on how to eliminate any factors which may have contributed to the development of the condition. Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness will also arrange follow-up appointments with you to track your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan.

Receive the treatment you need for myofascial pain from Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness. Contact our office today and let us know about the symptoms you are facing from MPS.