Ultrasound is incredibly beneficial as a vehicle for delivering medical and therapeutic treatments. Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness uses therapeutic ultrasound as a tool in our sports medicine treatments with great results. However, all our patients can benefit from therapeutic ultrasound for a range of medical conditions. We can treat conditions of the tendons, muscles or nerves using therapeutic ultrasound.

Studies have also shown that the therapy greatly improves recovery times in broken or fractured bones. As more studies are carried out, the benefits of therapeutic ultrasound are likely to increase. At Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness, we want to be at the forefront of offering our patients new and innovative treatments through the use of therapeutic ultrasound.

Massage Applications and Healing

Besides speeding up healing, therapeutic ultrasound has two other applications which we feel may benefit our patients. Ultrasound does not use pressure yet is able to reduce swelling and edema. As such, therapeutic ultrasound offers patients a means of reducing swelling without causing additional tissue damage.

We can also use therapeutic ultrasound as a non-invasive massage tool. Adjusting the frequency during therapy gives your therapist the ability to tailor your massage to you. This makes ultrasound an incredibly flexible therapeutic tool which is in tune with your body’s natural vibrations.

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of therapeutic ultrasound, however, is how safe it is as a treatment. Ultrasound produces a sound wave which means no radiation is produced. Therefore, the ratio of benefit to cost is extremely high. Additionally, ultrasound equipment is inexpensive, allowing Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness to pass the savings on to our patients.

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