If you frequently suffer from sinusitis you may have an allergy which is bringing on the condition. At Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness, we can test for allergies using a robust set of techniques. Our focus on wellness as part of your treatment will also look at your lifestyle and diet to identify any areas for improvement.

It is important to have allergic sinusitis treated early. If the condition is not treated it can lead to a secondary bacterial sinusitis infection. We can also treat the associated symptoms of sinusitis, such as headaches and tenderness around the face.

Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness takes the treatment of sinusitis very seriously. In some cases, the infection can cause complications, which could lead to conditions like orbital cellulitis, brain abscess, osteomyelitis or meningitis. It is not worth taking that risk, so make sure to have the condition treated as soon symptoms develop.

Allergy Treatment

If your sinusitis is caused by an allergy it may be possible to reduce your reaction to allergens. Allergic sinusitis occurs because the nose is trying to flush out allergens. Strictly speaking, the sinusitis is a result of inflammation. You can take medicine to help build up immunity to the allergens, or you can try to strengthen your immune system to naturally respond to them.

The immune system is strongest when it has a natural response to harmless allergens. When the immune system responds aggressively it is not a healthy response. Our health and wellness program can help you train your body to better respond to harmless allergens and reduce the frequency or severity of your sinusitis.

If you cannot find relief from sinusitis, contact Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness today. We will schedule you for allergy testing and start working on a health and wellness program right away.