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Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness provides quality, convenient, and cost-effective services for a variety of injuries including, but not limited to:

Each patient will be evaluated to determine an effective treatment program. This may include specialized services such as therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, therapeutic modalities and/or a home exercise program with emphasis on educating the patient on preventing re-injury. Our goal is to return each patient to their normal activities of daily living as soon as possible.

One of the oldest and most effective types of treatment for all types of medical conditions is physical therapy. Today, physical therapy in Atlanta is growing significantly as more and more people are experiencing the benefits. For people who have had some type of injury, surgery, or those with a disability, physical therapy in Atlanta can make a huge improvement in quality of life.

Usually, physical therapy is geared toward giving a person his or her life, allowing the individual to lead a product life by being able to perform daily activities with little to no problem. Not only does physical therapy in Atlanta help with pain and mobility issues, but it can also help with neurological and cardiopulmonary health problems too. Of course, the key to success is working with a professional therapist and following through with the things of which you are asked.

Some of the common areas in which physical therapy is used include low back pain, cerebral palsy, arthritis, and other forms of crippling disease. Then, there are instances when a person has been in a serious accident of some type whereby occupational and physical therapy work together, re-teaching the person to walk, and use the hands, and so on. The good news is that in all situations, physical therapy in Atlanta can prove beneficial. With an expert therapist and ongoing therapy, most people can start to regain a large portion of mobility, balance, and flexibility regardless of the condition.

Just as physical therapy is helpful in adults, it can also be beneficial for children. For instance, if a child has some type of muscle or joint weakness or perhaps has slow development, then physical therapy would help. Depending on the problem and the goal, doctors might recommend the therapist take the child through a series of treatments such as stretching and coordination exercises, balancing, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, strength building, etc.

Whether the physical therapy in Atlanta is for an adult or child, it is critical that each person have a good attitude. Walking into the situation with a positive attitude, determined that each therapy session is going to be effective is what makes the difference between getting better or not. A common problem seen with physical therapy is the patient believes that he or she knows it all. Instead, it is important to listen carefully to what the therapist says and then follow instructions to a tee.

After all, not listening or trying to do too little or too much could actually be damaging. These professionals have gone through years of school and special training so they can help people, regardless. Finally, while physical therapy in Atlanta can help, it also takes time. People need to understand that once the body has been injured or ill, it requires gradual steps to get better. Therefore, with patience and the right mindset, the person will begin to see dramatic changes for the better.

For physical therapy in Atlanta or any other state to work, it requires a special balance of dedication, determination, and compliance. Having a solid connection to the therapist is the best bet for getting back on track. For all types of issues to include bone, muscle, joint, and neurological, physical therapy can have a huge impact.

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