If you began counting the days of the year, you would run out of days before you ran out of potential causes for fatigue. Fatigue is often attributed to laziness, which makes sufferers reluctant to seek help. However, laziness is technically never the cause of fatigue. While it can be argued that lack of exercise can contribute to fatigue, attributing the cause to laziness is unfair.

There are also a number of dietary conditions, medical or emotional conditions that can cause fatigue. Regardless of the cause, for the sufferer, the result is always the same. A lack of energy, headaches, stiff or sore muscles, dizziness and a host of other symptoms that most people would not associate with general tiredness.

Fatigue Treatment

Many causes of fatigue are treated through the use of anti-inflammatory medications. At Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness we treat fatigue at the source. Whether your fatigue is caused by a muscular condition or brought on by stress, we will choose the treatment or therapy which most closely addresses the cause and symptoms.

Where possible, we aim to permanently eliminate the cause of fatigue in our patients. As an accompaniment to medical treatments, we may carry out therapies that are beneficial, or recommend changes to your lifestyle and diet. With enhanced focus on your wellness, you will be better equipped to deal with the everyday challenges of life and begin to experience a reduction of your symptoms.

We encourage patients to take advantage of ongoing therapies such as massage. These therapies draw from the knowledge of cultures that have practiced them for thousands of years. With Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness, your treatment is in your hands – we are just the vehicle that takes you on the journey.

Free yourself from the chains of fatigue by contacting Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness today.