Ankle sprains and similar injuries can happen at any time; however, they are more prevalent among athletes. It is important to understand the distinction between an injury incurred from an accident, such as a trip or fall, and one caused by an underlying medical condition, such as a weak ankle joint. The former requires directly treating the sprain, whereas the latter merits a more comprehensive treatment plan.

Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness specializes in sports medicine, which is a branch of medicine in its own right. A major focus of sports medicine is the study of movement and how specific movements impact the likelihood of injury. However, the lessons learned from sports medicine studies are used in all other relevant areas of medicine and physical therapy.

Treating Ankle Injuries

How an ankle injury is treated will vary, depending on the nature and cause of the injury. Where the ankle is found to be otherwise healthy, treatment may involve rest, basic strengthening exercises or physiotherapy. If there are additional contributing factors involved, other than an accident, you may need a more complex treatment and rehabilitation plan.

An important element of treating ankle injuries is pain management and the reduction of inflammation. Once those two areas have been addressed, Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness will move on to strengthening the joint, ligaments and muscles surrounding the ankle.

Where possible, we will build a movement profile which will allow your doctor to determine if the way you move contributed to the accident. For example, how your foot moves through your walking or running gait may be causing instability and putting additional pressure on the ankle joint.

For sprained ankles and other sporting injuries, contact Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness today and make an appointment with an expert in sports medicine. We provide professional movement assessments and help our patients make essential changes to improve gait and joint function.