Knee sprains and other injuries can significantly reduce mobility or result in severe inflammation and pain. Due to the important function the knees play in walking, putting weight on the knee will only serve to further inflame the injury. If you are an athlete and have suffered a knee injury, it is important to have the injury treated before resuming sporting activities.

All too often, athletes attempt to work through the pain of an injured knee, opting for a quick fix to get them through the game. Doing so can result in permanent injury and an early retirement from athletics. It is better to miss a few games in order to receive physical therapy than face a life of mourning a career which never got off the ground.

Knee Injury Treatments

Although there are common knee injuries such as sprains, each knee injury is treated differently depending on the severity and the circumstances in which the injury occurred. Sporting injuries, especially, require an approach which takes both the sport and the mechanics of the athlete into account. Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness can provide treatment to reduce swelling and ease the pain of knee injuries before moving on to addressing the cause of the injury.

As part of our commitment to your ongoing wellness, we will discuss therapies which are focused on helping you avoid further injury to the knees. Our doctors excel in sports medicine and we are constantly improving our treatment options as new discoveries are made in the field of treating sporting injuries. You can rely on Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness to provide a robust treatment plan that will get you back on your feet.

For the best treatment options for a sprained or injured knee in Atlanta, contact Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness today to set up an appointment.