While hip injuries are usually associated with older people, they can happen at any age. Common hip injuries include bursitis, labral tears, fractures and snapping hip syndrome. If you have a hip injury which has persisted for more than a week, you may want to consider physical therapy from Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness. We can also provide treatment for athletes to help speed up your recovery and get you back on the field.

Even if a hip injury heals on its own, it is important to consider how the injury occurred. The hips play a vital part in how the body moves. A recurring hip injury may suggest there is an underlying issue involved, such as weakened muscles. Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness can provide patients with physiotherapy and wellness training to help strengthen the muscles.

Post Injury Recovery

The healing time for hip injuries varies from patient to patient. To help speed up recovery you may need treatment, depending on the severity of the injury. If you have had surgery to repair a fractured or broken hip, you will need rehabilitation as part of your recovery. Rehabilitation also helps patients learn to walk again after having a hip replacement.

Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness specializes in sports medicine. Hip injuries can result in athletes being out of action for weeks or even months. If you try to return to the field before an injury is fully healed, you risk doing further damage to the hips. Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness can provide you with strength and conditioning treatment to aid in recovery.

For all your Atlanta hip injury treatments, contact Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness today. We will bring you in for an assessment and may even be able to provide treatment for minor injuries on the same day.