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How Are Sciatica And Piriformis Syndrome Related?

If you’re experiencing pain in your buttock and shooting down your leg, you may begin to wonder if you have Sciatica. This may be the case, but there is another possibility for your pain as well. Piriformis Syndrome is a condition you may have. These two conditions are not necessarily mutually exclusive. You may suffer from … Read more

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Avoid Slipping On The Georgia Snow

Can you believe how much snow we got last month in Georgia? Some areas got as much as 12 inches. Were you ready for the snow? Many of our residents were ready for it, but were caught unprepared when they realized the extent of the snowfall. Many of our residents lost electricity for days. Not … Read more

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Keeping It Cold This Winter With Cold Laser Therapy

At Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness, we really love winter. Winter ushers in the cooler temperatures, which are a relief from the Georgia summer’s heat! It gets us mentally ready for the holiday season with warm cozy fires and excuses to wear snuggly and cozy layers of clothes.

lot of orange, red and brown leaves Atlanta, GA

Bleacher Back Pain

‘Tis the season for fall sports, and it is glorious! The temperatures are dropping and sitting while wearing your warm layers of clothing, snuggled in multiple blankets, cheering for your sporty kid or sports hero is so very much fun! What’s your sport of choice to watch? Most likely you have a kid or player … Read more

Woman with backache Atlanta, GA

Whiplash 101

At Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness, we treat patients who have experienced whiplash. Generally speaking, whiplash occurs when your head is drastically thrust forward and backward. Common Causes of Whiplash Car accidents are the most common cause of whiplash. A rear-end collisions suddenly and expectantly thrust you head forward and back. Physical assault, such as … Read more

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Eczema Or Dry Skin?

At Georgia Spinal Health and Wellness we treat patients who are having frequent or severe eczema flare-ups. We provide you with a well-rounded approach that gives you wellness training and a close monitoring of your flare-ups to help eliminate the triggers that are causing them. You can read more about eczema here. According to the … Read more

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They treated me after two different injuries and I now have full range of motion, am pain-free, and feel like I’m good as new again. I’d highly recommend Dr. Surloff and Dr. Hochman – they’re amazing at what they do and they really care about helping you get better. Plus they’re more than just chiropractic – physical therapy, massage, IDD therapy and more.

David Wright  Atlanta, GA

David Wright

In all my years of going to a Dr. I’ve never had someone with better bed side manners, personable, friendly and genuinely interested in your health care. His staff are the best, clean and punctual.
If you’re looking for a professional that has a heart, then go to Georgia Spinal and “stand up straight” again!.

Jake Starkey  Atlanta, GA

Jake Starkey

I have had IDD, chiropractic, massage and physical therapy with them over the last few years and have nothing but good things to say about this practice. Everyone there is super friendly and you can tell that Dr. Hochman is genuinely concerned for your wellness

Michael Collier  Atlanta, GA

Michael Collier

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