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Posture Tips

Good posture is a life-long habit worth developing. It is simple and do-able, something that’s good for you and easy to do whether you’re working at your desk, driving your car or any of the millions of other things we do on a daily basis.

The benefits of good posture are numerous: it can prevent injury, aid in breathing, save your energy, lessen your stress level, and improve digestion. More than anything, good posture simply makes you feel better.

Simple Suggestions for Good Posture:

Keep your weight down – excess weight, especially around the middle, pulls on the back and weakens stomach muscles. This makes it harder to maintain erect posture.

Develop a regular program of exercise – regular exercise keeps you flexible and helps tone the muscles that support proper posture.

Pay attention to injuries from bumps, falls, and jars – injuries may cause postural adaptations which in turn may cause pain sooner or later.

Have your eyes examined – a vision problem can affect the way you carry yourself as well as cause eye strain.

Have your posture professionally assessed – your postural characteristics must be accurately diagnosed before they can be effectively corrected. Your chiropractic physician can help you with this by way of a simple yet thorough examination.

Don’t be too hard on yourself – take it slow when incorporating these good posture suggestions into your daily habits. It won’t happen overnight! Complement yourself when you actually remember to put your shoulders back or suck in your belly.

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