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Atlanta Chiropractic Care

With Atlanta Chiropractic Care, the primary belief is in natural and conservative methods of health care. Doctors of chiropractic have a deep respect for the human body’s ability to heal itself without the use of surgery or medication. These Doctors devote careful attention to the biomechanics, structure and function of the spine, its effects on the musculoskeletal and neurological systems, and the role played by the proper function of these systems in the preservation and restoration of health. A Doctor of Chiropractic is one who is involved in the treatment and prevention of disease, as well as the promotion of public health, and a wellness approach to patient healthcare.

Atlanta Chiropractic CareDoctors of Chiropractic frequently treat individuals with neuromusculoskeletal complaints, such as headaches, joint pain, neck pain, low back pain and sciatica. Chiropractors also treat patients with osteoarthritis, spinal disk conditions, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, sprains, and strains. However, the scope of conditions that Doctors of Chiropractic manage or provide care for is not limited to neuromusculoskeletal disorders. Chiropractors have the training to treat a variety of non-neuromusculoskeletal conditions such as: allergies, asthma, digestive disorders, otitis media (non-suppurative) and other disorders as new research is developed.

For anyone considering chiropractic care in Atlanta, there are some important decisions needing to be made in regards to choosing the right professional. Obviously, working with someone who is not professional or who does not fully understand the body, especially the spine, could be dangerous. Therefore, we wanted to offer some helpful hints on how to find a good chiropractor.

First, for chiropractic care in Atlanta, we recommend you look for a professional who has a practice that is limited to conservative treatment for musculoskeletal and back problems. Today, chiropractic care can be done in a gentle, non-manipulative way so you get all the benefits but without having any damage done. You should never be afraid to ask for other patient references to learn about their personal experience. That way, you will have more information on which to base your decision.

We suggest you try to find chiropractic care in Atlanta where the chiropractor is certified with the National Association for Chiropractic Medicine. The reason this is important is that teaching through these organizations follows orthopraxis guidelines, which means any work done is based on science, as well as medicine. Then, you should also talk to the chiropractor asking about the various treatment options available. As an example, in addition to using various stretching and non-manipulative therapies, some will also use ultrasound, ice packs, and even provide at-home exercises.

As you begin your search for chiropractic care in Atlanta, there are also some signs that would raise red flags. In this case, any chiropractor that makes bold claims to being able to cure a disease should be avoided. Additionally, someone who promotes preventive care should be carefully checked. Unfortunately, some chiropractors will use a variety of scare tactics, which is not beneficial at all.

Then, anyone who uses fluoridation or immunizations as a part of the chiropractic care in Atlanta needs to be passed by. The same is true for chiropractors who state they can treat subluxations specific to nerve interference could be someone that might actually do harm to the body. Remember, a good, reputable doctor will provide you with information, education, and references while being licensed through top schools. There is no need for ongoing x-rays and other expensive testing in most cases.

Keep in mind that there are some types of chiropractic care in Atlanta that involve serious risk. Anyone who tries to manipulate the spine with harsh or sudden movements could actually make a spinal injury far worse. The same is true when the neck is being worked on. There are gentle means of getting positive results so if any doctor wants to use excessive rotation, the vertebral artery could be damaged.

This is not to scare people away from chiropractic care in Atlanta in that there are many qualified and caring doctors who want to make people feel better. However, as the patient, it is also your responsibility to do your homework first. That way, you will have 100% confidence in the chiropractor chosen, knowing that he or she can work with a disability, illness, or injury and make things better, not worse.

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