Aletha W.
I was in a wheelchair and unable to function when I started treatment for a herniated disc in my lower back. I was in excruciating pain despite being prescribed strong narcotics for pain. Now I am back on my feet again and no more pills. The IDD therapy and chiropractic services have restored my quality of life. My mom and my daughter receive physical therapy and they have also greatly benefited from their treatment. There is never a wait. The entire staff is so warm, friendly and professional. This place is a godsend for me and my family.
David W.
They treated me after two different injuries and I now have full range of motion, am pain-free, and feel like I'm good as new again. I'd highly recommend Dr. Surloff and Dr. Hochman - they're amazing at what they do and they really care about helping you get better. Plus they're more than just chiropractic - physical therapy, massage, IDD therapy and more.
I expect to get better, but unfortunately no progress at all.
Maya B.
Love this place and the staff!
Jake S.
Over the years my wife and I have had to use a chiropractor. Since we moved to ATLANTA, we only used Todd Surloff's office at Georgia Spinal Health and Wellness. I had a car accident and went to see Todd immediately after. Todd worked up a great plan including massage therapy, manipulation and adjustments. In all my years of going to a Dr. I've never had someone with better bed side manners, personable, friendly and genuinely interested in your health care. His staff are the best, clean and punctual. If you're looking for a professional that has a heart, then go to Georgia Spinal and "stand up straight" again!.
Michael C.
I have had IDD, chiropractic, massage and physical therapy with them over the last few years and have nothing but good things to say about this practice. Everyone there is super friendly and you can tell that Dr. Hochman is genuinely concerned for your wellness. I had chronic lower back pain from numerous injuries that occurred throughout the years and the only option I was given by my doctor was surgery. I was not willing to go that route as I have seen too many people still in pain after surgery, so I decided to do some research. I started reading about chiropractic care spinal decompression therapy (IDD) and thought that based on my condition this might be a good option for me. I found Georgia Spinal Health and Wellness and setup an evaluation appointment. Dr. Hochman and I setup a therapy plan that played well with my work schedule and budget. Well long story short, he and all the awesome people there have done wonders for my spine and I cannot thank them enough. I continue to see them on occasion as needed to maintain good spinal health. I highly recommend them to anyone I know that could benefit from their care.
Marilia L.
The staff is very friendly and caring and the doctors really take their time to examine you and take care of you. I strongly recommend the massages, as well.
Google User
I started going to GSH last September. Within days I could the different in my back, shoulders and neck. The staff is very professional and attentive. The massages are a deal and are highly recommended. The Doctors are care about your personal well being and they are very thorough. Although I only went to physical therapy once, the PT seemed very competent. Thanks once again to everyone at the facility. I can't wait to get back to routine visits. William Fulford
Google User
I know that sounds a bit dramatic but it's true. I herniated my L5-S1 disk at the gym doing seated rows (don't do them!!). The sciatic pain was severe in my left leg - so bad that I couldn't walk or stand more than a couple of minutes without shooting pain that literally doubled me over. After enduring this for more than 6 months and trying everything under the sun, I started exploring back surgery - a last resort and something I never thought I'd even consider. This was about the time that IDD was becoming better known. My Georgia Spinal doctor suggested that I try it and I did. Within a week, the pain started to subside. I'm now 100% pain free - I even started running with my dog! The doctors and staff there are top notch and super friendly. Georgia Spinal, I can't thank you enough for giving me my life back!
Google User
Words can't describe how truly grateful I am to everyone at Georgia Spinal Health and Wellness. I came to the office with terrible lower back pain and with just a few adjustments I was able to walk and stand with significantly decreased pain, I am now pain free. Dr. Hochman is amazing! He is professional, extremely knowledgeable and effective, I felt he had a genuine interest in helping me work through my pain to a healthier state of being. Dr. Hochman, I can not thank you enough!! The massages are WONDERFUL and greatly improved my pain as well. I had an ACL reconstruction on my right knee in September and decided to try out the PT services. Charles (the Physical Therapist) has done an amazing job at tailoring my therapy to my post op needs, he has also been wonderful for moral support during my very frustrating healing process! :) The staff is always smiling, friendly, professional, and courteous I always feel very welcomed when I come into the office, Thank you girls so much! There is hardly ever a wait and scheduling appointment times has always worked out very well for me. Overall it has been a great experience, I am so lucky and grateful that I, by chance, googled chiropractic care, and came up with Georgia Spinal Health and Wellness!! Excellent, excellent care. Strongly recommended for Chiropractic care, Massages and Physical Therapy.
Google User
I went in with a lot of pain in my low back. My pain had been consistently bothering me for several months and was getting progressively worse. I found they entire staff to be very friendly and the Doctors were very knowledgeable. They did a very thorough review of my medical history and created a care plan tailored specially to relieve my on going low back pain. I had tried many other therapies prior to coming into their office but none of them were affective. The combination of the IDD therapy and other physical therapy I received was exactly what I needed. Not only did it got the job done and relieved me from several months of aggravating pain but it has been 3 months from my last visit and I am still pain free. I usually don't take the time to write reviews for services I receive but feel that Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness deserves recognition from me for restoring me back to having a pain free life. Thank you.
Google User
Friendly staff, great customer service, and Dr. Senft is a wonderful chiropractor. I would recommend anyone to this office.
Trenton M.
Slavica C.
Blythenia W.
C M.