As an innovative form of decompression therapy or computerized traction for low back and neck conditions, IDD Therapy (Intervertebral Differential Dynamics Therapy) using the SPINA System, is a non-invasive solution that is safe, comfortable and painless. While the trajectory of treatment usually includes 20 sessions over the course of 35 days or so, it can be used in conjunction with chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy, allergy testing and nutritional counseling. While prescription drugs are not a mainstay of treatment using IDD Therapy, they may be used in the early stages as a way to manage a patient’s pain.

For a number of painful back and neck conditions, IDD Therapy represents a comprehensive treatment approach to nerve compression, strains of the cervical or lumbar region, sciatic neuralgia, herniated discs, nerve root damage, degenerative disc or joint disease, arthritis of the spine, myofascitis syndrome, muscle atrophy, post-surgical neck and back pain. Without question, for patients that have not responded to traditional treatments utilizing chiropractic manipulation and physical therapy, those suffering from failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS), piriformis syndrome, posterior facet syndrome and those considering surgery, the SPINA System IDD Therapy is a unique protocol with promising results.

IDD Therapy – What to Expect

By applying a precise treatment force to spinal segments, IDD Therapy enables specialists to accomplish several objectives. First, pressure on the affected disc is reduced. Next, oxygen is restored to the disc through a spinal pumping effect that includes a vacuum inside the disc. Because muscles surrounding the disc have likely become rigid and tense from muscle spasms, oscillation is administered to tissues to rework and release tension within muscles. A single treatment utilizing IDD Therapy requires about 30 minutes, and patients rest in a comfortable, heated bed during treatment.

Many report a dramatic decrease in their pain with the third IDD Therapy treatment. Yet, following a complete 4-week treatment regimen, specialists have used MRI’s to measure the reduction rates of herniated discs. Some reveal 50% reduction in disc herniation, while clinical studies have found that 86% of patients experience relief of their back pain using the SPINA System. What’s more is that IDD Therapy is producing long-term pain relief, as discs begin to retract and nutrients and oxygen are replenished.

For patients suffering from chronic, ongoing back and neck pain, or for those with few options left for treatment, IDD Therapy may be the ideal solution. Contact Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness today to schedule an appointment for yourself or a family member.