Positioned between each spinal vertebra, discs enable flexible motion while absorbing the stress and shock of certain movements. Often compared to a cushion, intervertebral discs protect vertebrae from sliding or grinding against one another. Yet, when a disc begins to deteriorate or weaken, swelling occurs. This may cause the disc to “bulge” through a crevice in the spine. As the disc continues to shift, it may begin to press against the outer shell. Eventually, the bulging disc may affect surrounding nerves, eliciting varying degrees of pain and discomfort.

Most individuals experience symptoms associated with a bulging disc when other indications emerge. These indications may be felt as pain and tingling in the neck, shoulders and arms. There may also be thoracic (mid-back) pain that wraps around towards the chest or stomach, muscle spasms in the lower back and discomfort in the buttocks, legs and feet. While a bulging disc can occur anywhere along the spine, it is most often noted in the lower back, as it holds most of an individual’s weight.

Effective treatment of a bulging disc requires an understanding of what led it to develop. Common causes include degenerative disc disease, injury (including occupational hazards), posture or natural aging. As specialists in the identification and treatment of bulging discs, the team at Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness provides individualized treatment protocols that encourage physical and mental well-being. If you suspect that you have a bulging disc, it’s important to call us today to prevent your pain from worsening.

Pain Relief for Bulging Discs

The onset of pain from bulging discs develops slowly over time. It is common for individuals to experience secondary pain in other areas of the body such as the arms and legs. This is mostly due to overcompensating for pain from the bulging disc. The pain from bulging discs varies from individual to individual, so an innovative approach is necessary for effective, long-term pain relief.

With a focus on the individual, Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness designs patient-specific treatment plans using a combination of methods and rehabilitation. Our approach may include chiropractic care, medical care, physical therapy, massage and advanced diagnostics. In addition, IDD Therapy, or Intervertebral Differential Dynamics Therapy, is a non-invasive medical protocol that is akin to a complete disc therapy approach. For instance, this computer-based regimen (performed on an IDD Therapy factory machine) allows specialists to reduce the build-up of pressure on bulging or herniated discs. In turn, it increases oxygen flow to the disc, while oscillation is incorporated to release muscle tension in surrounding tissues.

Committed to the true principles of health and wellness care, the staff at Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness provides specialized solutions for a number of musculoskeletal conditions, including bulging discs. Are you tired of living in pain and discomfort? Contact Georgia Spinal Health & Wellness to schedule an appointment today.